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    • Ramon says...

      Randell: Thanks for the ideas! I haven’t thought about csuotm printing the boxes. This will add to expense I’m sure. Maybe doing a run of awesome stickers would be good for that on the outside (I love stickers, too). Will have to look into that. Doing inserts in the box too (the description) I think would be important too. It may be that I do all the fulfillment out of my house at first so I can make sure it all looks good.Lynn: I’m sure I’ll accept PayPal there’s no getting around it. The bad press I’ve heard about it revolve around awful csuotmer service and small charity organizations using it getting locked out of their own funds. They’re part of the eBay empire too, which is growing increasingly irritating because of the hucksters on the service creating an environment of us versus them in their form-letter driven csuotmer crap service, which seems to emphasize volume of form replies sent than volume of problems READ and resolved. I personally haven’t had problems with eBay, but have some friends that are going through hell just trying to straighten out their accounts. Grr.

      On February 19, 2013

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